Why use Waxes?

Here at Artisan's Son we often get questions asking about why our products use premium natural waxes. The answer is simple, yet surprisingly complex. 

Question: Why use waxes?

Simple Answer: They are superior to oils.

Complex Answer: Waxes have been used since 7000BCE by humans. Right back in history, ancient civilizations quickly discovered their unique properties and diverse uses. Today, waxes are still highly valued for their unique properties, however many more wax types are available. We now have waxes derived from chemicals and from various natural forms. 

Here at Artisan's Son we not only use the very best natural waxes and we also produce world leading wax from various farms across Australia. All of Artisan's Son wax produced is 100% natural, chemical and pesticide free. 

Natural waxes are superior because of their ability to last a long time, yet also remind stable and non-toxic for a wide range of use. No one wants to use chemical ridden products, hence all of the waxes used in all the Artisan's Son products are naturally derived and chemical free.

Stay tuned for more blogs about 'Fake Wax', companies selling wax which isn't what is labelled. 

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