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Metal Care Guide

How do I Care for my Metal?

Like most things, care is a must. Metal starts its journey as natural minerals, which are then refined and blended to create the various types of metal available today.

To ensure your metal products last forever, protection is needed. Yes protection. Metal needs protection, as environmental factors cause a series of chemical reactions to occur on the surface of metals. The result of these chemical reactions can range from discoloration, to metal being dissolved or eaten away by these reactions. 

Here at Artisan's Son we have a simple yet effective care plan for your metal products. 

1.) Clean Your Metal :

Metal corrosion starts when environmental factors start to interact with the surface of metal. Therefore, removing contaminates from the surface is the first step to protecting your metal.

Depending on the metal item, cleaning of the metal surface should be done as soon as possible. Remove dirt/food/environmental factors with a cloth/scrubber. Hard to remove contaminates can be removed with abrasives such scouring pads/steel wool and fine grit sandpapers. 

With or without water is dependent on the type and object being cleaned. An alcohol based product such as mineral spirits is always a good option as water is an environmental factor which needs to be removed from metal. 

2.) Protecting Metal : 

Next is protecting the clean metal surface. Artisan's Son Metal Conditioner is an all natural premium metal protectant, which is safe to use on all metal surfaces.

Simply add a small amount to a cloth/pad or even your finger and work onto the metal surface using circular motions. Then, let the freshly applied metal conditioner sit/cool for a minute. Then buff off excess. Easy.

Being wax based, ensures that it is easy to apply, is hard wearing and easy to reapply when the time comes. Artisan's Son Metal Conditioner is also superior to cheap oils, as there is no runny mess and outlasts even when used. 

What about paints? Well, they chip, flake, peel and hide the natural beauty of metal. Why hide it when you can wax it? All natural and easy to apply and reapply. The answer is simple, Artisan's Son Metal Conditioner it. 

3.) Storage of Metal Products :

Metal storage is easy when the metal surface is protected using Artisan's Son Metal Conditioner. Follow these key points to ensure you get the best results;

# Always ensure metal is dry before storing

# Store in dry environment 

# Store like metals together

# Avoid storing metals in leather or new wooden containers as these can promote corrosion. 

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