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Leather Care Guide

How do I Care for my Leather?

Like most things, care is a must. Leather is a natural product which will last forever if treated properly. Here at Artisan's Son we have a simple yet effective care plan for your leathers.

1.) Clean your Leather :

If your leather isn't covered with dirt and grime, a wet cloth will often be enough. If your leather is covered with dirt and grime use Artisan's Son horsehair brushes to give a brush over.

Next use a natural cleaner, such as Artisan's Son Natural Leather Soap. This specially formulated product is PH neutral and won't damage your leather.  

2.) Hydrate your Leather :

Cleaned leather needs lost oils replaced to prevent the fibers inside locking together which will lead to cracking. A thin film is often all that is needed for well maintained leather. Use Artisan's Son Heritage Oil with a microfiber towel. 

3.) Seal - Protect - Waterproofing :

Cleaned and hydrated leather is not protected. Use Artisan's Son Premium Wax Based Leather Conditioner to seal in the leather oil and seal out water/contaminates from getting into your leather.  

4.) Buffing :

The final stage is a quick buff with an Artisan's Son genuine horsehair brush. This leaves a brilliant shine and ensures that the pores are sealed with wax. 

Storage of Leather : 

Proper storage of leather is essential. Do not store leather in direct sunlight and avoid high temperatures environments.
The same goes for drying your leathers, never force dry the leather with external heat sources. Leave leather to dry naturally. 

Ensure you dry leather before storage, as this can promote mould to grow on the leather. Store in a cool place and never place inside a closed airtight container or bag. 

If you do notice something occur to your leather which you are unsure about, take a photo and get in contact today.

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