Wood & Timber Care Guide

How do I Care for my Wood & Timber?

Like all good things, care is a must. Wood is a natural product which will last forever if treated properly. Here at Artisan's Son we have a simple, yet effective care plan for your wood & timber products.

1.) Clean your Timber :

 No matter what the product, all timber needs a clean. For most timber a quick wipe down with a damp cloth is all that is needed, however for soiled timber a mild soap and scrub may be needed to remove the dirt and grime. Once clean, leave to dry out of direct heat to avoid timber warping. 

2.) Seal - Protect - Waterproof Timber :

Now that your timber is clean and dry, it is important to hydrate, seal and protect the timber. Artisan's Son Wood Conditioner is food grade and can be used on all timber surfaces*. Simply apply in circular motions and then let sit to allow the oils and waxes to penetrate the timber.

3.) Buffing :

After Artisan's Son Wood Conditioner has had a change to penetrate the timber, buff any excess product off using a soft cloth. This will also ensure the timber pores are covered and ready for use. 





* Note:  The product is not to be consumed and basic food handling practices are needed to be followed when using the product with timber treated with Artisan's Son Wood Conditioner. 

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